Top Five Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries

cosmetic surgeryCosmetic surgery is one of the most widely versatile types of surgery available today. The industry continues to grow with the numerous types of reconstruction that can be done to the face and body. But what are the top five most popular plastic surgery procedures today? And why are they so popular? Let's take a closer look.

    1. Face Lifts:
      It's a natural fact that as we age, the skin on our bodies begins to droop. This creates wrinkles to appear and muscle definition to begin to vanish. In a way, your whole face begins to change right before your very eyes. It's no surprise then that a facelift, which can help return your skin to its former glory, remains one of the top surgeries plastic surgeons get asked to do.


    1. Botox
      Along the same vein as facial plastic surgery like face lifts, Botox remains to be another highly sought after procedure to have done. As muscles grow weaker and more wrinkles begin to appear, the injectables of Botox allow the facial muscles to paralyze, thus given the skin a newer, younger appearance. It is the quickest and most affordable procedure on this list.


    1. Eyelid Surgery:
      As the years begin to weigh on us, bags are inevitably going to appear under our eyes. And because the eyes are the window to the soul, it's easy to see why people want to keep them as young and beautiful as possible. This cosmetic surgery removes bags, wrinkles, and puffiness that have accumulated around the eyes.


    1. Liposuction:
      One of the top two cosmetic surgeries performed in 2015, with the first being number five on this list, is liposuction. It can be incredibly frustrating for a person who is doing their best to stay fit and eat healthy to not lose the desired weight, no matter how hard they try. Liposuction can help patients with that, removing access fat from the areas causing the frustration and giving people the body they've been waiting for, for so long.


  1. Breast Augmentation:
    Clocking in as the most popular cosmetic surgery done in 2015, breast augmentation continues to be in high demand. Whether to gain back weight lost during pregnancy or simply because you've never been satisfied with the size you were born with, breast augmentation can drastically increase your confidence in your body and make you feel absolutely flawless.

Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity as time goes on. The life-changing effects of typically small procedures are certainly a tempting prospect to chase. For more information on cosmetic surgery, visit