It's Good To Get This Off My Chest: Health Benefits Of Breast Reduction

cosmetic surgeryMany Americans choose to undergo cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty and botox injectables to improve their self-confidence and overall sense of well-being. Breast reduction surgery not only improves both of these things but also provides a number of health benefits as well.

From reducing self-consciousness to improving back pain, breast reduction surgery can improve the lives of many women in as little as two to three hours. If you're considering breast reduction, examine the following health benefits you could take advantage of post-surgery.

Improved pain relief
Larger breasts place a surprising amount of weight on the chest. This weight can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and a strained back. It can also be a challenge to get a good night's sleep by making breathing difficult during the night.

Breast reduction surgery removes a certain amount of breast tissue, skin, and fat from the breasts. This removal will help to alleviate the majority of a patient's pain and sleep problems if not all of them.

Reduced skin irritation
Some women experience rashes and skin irritation because of larger breasts. When the breast tissue rests on the skin of the torso, it can cause sweat, irritation, and blisters to form in extreme cases.

Cosmetic surgery that reduces the size of the breasts helps alleviate this irritation. With less skin touching the torso, the less irritation will occur.

Improved self-confidence
Every person is confident in their body in a different way. While some women may feel confident in the size of their breasts, others may not. If you're dissatisfied or self-conscious about your breasts, cosmetic surgery to reduce their size can help to improve your self-confidence and overall well-being.

Improved exercise
As mentioned above, larger breasts can sometimes cause pain to the neck, back, and shoulders. Even with the proper bra, larger breasts can sometimes make efficient exercise and sports activities difficult and uncomfortable.

A breast reduction can make it more comfortable to exercise. As a result, you'll be improving your cardiovascular health, mental health, and reducing your risk of illness.

Cosmetic surgery is a great way to improve one's self-confidence and peace of mind regarding their appearance. If you're considering a breast reduction or another type of cosmetic surgery, contact Head and Neck Specialties today for a consultation.