Don't Focus On The Mirror: Recovering From Rhinoplasty

facial plastic surgeryIf you're one of the millions of Americans that suffer from sleep apnea, but chose to undergo rhinoplasty or similar plastic surgery options to get assistance, you might be wondering how to speed your recovery. Considering that sleep apnea can make patients three times as likely to suffer from heart disease if untreated, it's safe to say you could run into a few issues during your rhinoplasty recovery.

Undoubtedly your plastic surgeon or ENT doctor already provided several effective recovery strategies, some of which will likely have been mentioned here. But to make sure that you have the best recovery possible from your facial plastic surgery, here are a few tips.

Be Realistic
Before you look in the mirror, know that plastic surgery recovery is very similar to regular surgical recovery. There can be a variety of outcomes from your facial plastic surgery. But above all else, it's important that you know going in about the pain and discomfort that typically accompany a rhinoplasty or similar facial plastic surgery. You'll also likely experience swelling, which is completely normal. Don't panic! Every symptom listed here is just a natural part of the healing process.

Be Patient and Ask Questions
You need to be patient about your recovery. But before your recovery even begins, you should feel free to ask questions about what you can expect in terms of pain and recovery time. This is the easiest step, physically, but it can be difficult mentally. You will have to take it easy, avoid major activity, and follow your doctor's orders to a tee. This can be frustrating and maybe a little boring, but as will all things, it's better to be safe than to be sorry. And on that note, any activity that could reopen wounds or cause complications should be avoided at all costs. Rest is needed to assist in the healing process.

Don't Focus On Results
Again, don't pay attention to what you see in the mirror at first. You shouldn't obsess on what you'll look like right away. The final results of your rhinoplasty will take time to manifest and will ultimately depend on the surgery itself. A lot of cosmetic surgeons tell their patients to cover up mirrors during the recovery phase unless they're needed and to not focus on their appearance until recovery is completed. It might take a while before you get what you expected, as you have to wait for the injury to heal completely. It will have bumps, bruises, and other such issues at the start.

With any luck, these facial plastic surgery recovery tips will have you feeling right as rain about your transition in no time. If you have questions about recovery tips, don't hesitate to consult your surgeon.