Our Chattanooga Med Spa Offers a Refreshing New Take on the Medical Spa Experience

Inspired by the Wabi Sabi ideal, the Wabi Sabi Clinic adds another dimension to the typical medical spa experience. Our med spa embraces the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, meaning beauty that is found in nature and will work with you to bring out your inner beauty.

Med Spa Services

You feel better when you feel that you look better. That's why Wabi Sabi Clinic offers a wholistic set of services and skin care treatments, such as injectables, for your aesthetic journey in our Chattanooga med spa.

Schedule a free consultation with Dr Daniel. Some procedures can even be performed on the same day.

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Breathe - ENT Services

When you breathe better you feel better and enjoy better health. Wabi Sabi Clinic offers a variety of nasal and sinus treatments and procedures to help with general sinus issues, breathing issues including structural issues and chronic sinusitus, and allergies.

Schedule a free one on one consultation with Dr. Daniel to explore treatment options that may help alleviate your sinus issues and help you breathe easily again.

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Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

If you feel that you would like to make a permanent improvement of your features such as your nose, ears, or facial rejuvenation, we can help.

For the latest in cosmetic surgery enhancements and treatments, plastic surgery expert, Dr. Daniel Barker of Wabi Sabi offers facial procedures that will bring out your best natural features.

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Dr. Daniel Barker - Cosmetic Surgeon, ENT Specialist

Embracing the Wabi Sabi ideology of becoming in tune with your natural beauty over the passage of time, Dr Daniel is a board certified plastic surgeon and is passionate about partnering with every client he meets at his med spa.

As an ENT specialist, Dr Barker can also help improve your breathing through his surgical expertise. Dr Barker has a proven track record of satisfied patients. You can see for yourself by viewing his patient reviews.

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Schedule a free one on one consultation at Wabi Sabi Clinic to discuss your personal goals and find out what beauty treatments best fit your needs.

Dr. Barker understands that undergoing a minor procedure to enhance your beauty or planning a restorative or cosmetic surgery is a highly personal decision. Dr. Daniel can treat you in the comfort and care of the Wabi Sabi Clinic instead a traditional hospital or medical outpatient facility. His goal is to provide every client a highly personal experience from your initial consultation through the procedure itself.